EPoX was showing off its Mini Me small form factor system, with little cube boxes all over the stand. With a large LCD display dominating the front fascia, it’s obvious that this is aimed at the multimedia focused home user. Below the display are playback and volume controls to make it easy to manipulate your audio and video.

The Mini Me is hoping to grab some of the growing SFF market.

Like most SFF PCs the Mini Me sports a single 5.25in external bay for an optical drive and an external 3.5in bay that will most likely house a memory card reader. Differentiating the Mini Me from the competition is the front mounted PS/2 ports. In theory it’s handy having these ports here since you can easily plug your keyboard and mouse into them, but in practise the long cables on your keyboard and mouse will make for a messy desktop.

Inside the Mini Me.

EPoX was definitely pushing Bluetooth. There was a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo, USB dongle and most interestingly, a Bluetooth printer adapter for parallel port devices.

Bluetooth galore on the EPoX stand.

The Bluetooth printer adapter is pretty cool.

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