I then popped over to MSI to have a look at some quite exciting new products that should be available in the not to distant future if all goes according to plan. First up is a range of new and pretty cool mp3 players. MSI is one of the first manufacturers to make use of the new OLED (Organic LED) displays on two of its new mp3 players. The MEGA Player 515 is a basic model with 64,128 or 256MB of memory and a built in Lithium Polymer battery.

The MEGA Player 518 is a more appealing proposal as it offers memory expandability as well integrated Bluetooth so its headset can be used together with a mobile phone to answer calls. It will also feature an integrated 1in hard drive but the capacity is yet to be confirmed.

The middle model is the MEGA Player 516 with 128 or 256MB of memory built in and a memory expansion slot. Again MSI has gone for Bluetooth support just as with the 518.

But far more interesting was the portable AV players that MSI was showing with support for MPEG-2, DivX and Windows Media 9. MSI showed two different versions, one with a 3.5in TFT display and a 20GB hard drive and a cheaper flash based device with a 2.5in display.

The hard disk based AV player looks like it could be interesting.


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