Global Win

Next up was a meeting with Global Win, that was showing off its range of new products in what it referred to as its new “Sea” range of products. This might sound confusing, but since most of them are water related this is the theme Global Win went for. If you’ve read our review of the Silent Stream you’ll already be aware of Global Win’s take on liquid cooling. The new model is a basic water cooler, but Global Win has gone a step further with the launch of its brand new “Jefi” (based on the word jellyfish) water cooler. This is a completely new design and unlike any thing I have ever come across.

If you have a look at the picture above it might not be quite clear how it works, but let me try to explain. The water from the CPU is split up into several small streams in the big purple thing on the top with the help of a fan. This causes a kind of waterfall effect and results in some of the heat escaping from the water. The water then drips down onto the metal cooler which removes even more heat until it hits the surface of the “aquarium” which cools the water even more until it becomes part of the pool that will feed the CPU once again with cool water. It is an interesting concept and seemed to work well during the demonstration, but I would personally not follow Global Win’s recommendation to use it as a fish tank, nor as a room humidifier.


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