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More From CeBIT Day 2

As a seasoned journalist you’re meant to have attended all the big C shows at least once in your life, those being CeBIT, Comdex and Computex. Until today I had only managed to do Computex, no small feat in its own right, but compared to CeBIT it’s tiny. At arrival after an early morning flight I was shocked when I realized how large the CeBIT show grounds actually are and the distances you have to travel between the different parts of the show. But enough about me and lets get on with the show.


As you would expect with a company such as AOpen it had a lot of new products to show off including a couple of new revs of its XC Cube systems including one similar to the MSI MEGA PC concept. Although I must say that I think the AOpen XC Cube is far more stylish than MSI’s MEGA PC. Other new products included some new cases and for BMW fans out there AOpen will be offering a case with BMW styling and if you have a look at the pictures you’ll see what I mean.

If you drive a BMW, you’ll probably want one of these.

AOpen is definitely pushing the XC Cube in the right direction.

Other interesting devices include the MVP player capable of showing JPEG, MPEG-1/2 from either flash media or a removable 2.5in hard drive. AOpen doesn’t ship it with a hard drive, but the drive caddy is supplied.

If you find your eight-speed DVD writer too slow you’ll be happy to know that AOpen had a 16-speed drive on show. This only applies to single layer DVD+R media, but it will also write DVD+RW at eight-speed. There were a lot of other manufacturers showing off 16-speed drives, but AOpen, like all the others, would not commit to a timescale for the release of its drive.

AOpen will be pushing the limits of DVD writing along with most other manufacturers.

There were of course plenty of motherboards on show and as with most; if not all of the motherboard manufacturers at CeBIT AOpen was showing off its latest socket 775 LGA boards for the next generation of Pentium 4 processors. A presence of Athlon 64 motherboards was inevitable but there were no Socket 939 samples that I could spot.

AOpen hasn’t forgotten its core product line – motherboards.

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