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Monstrous 32in Digital Photo Frame Announced

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Monstrous 32in Digital Photo Frame Announced

There tends to be a logical progression to everything in technology, from CPU speeds and HDD capacities to camera megapixels and memory key storage. Still, we're glad no-one told the digital photo frame sector about it...

Having progressed slowly from 7in frames to 9in, 10in, 15in then leapt to 22 inches, the format has suddenly skyrocketed to 32 inches courtesy of manufacturer Smartparts.

The 'SP3200' is the world's first 32in digital photo frame and it is likely to equal if not beat the shiny new HDTV sitting in your living rooms. It has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and a 720p friendly native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Almost as intriguing however is the company's other new model, the 'SP8PRT' a photo frame whose only revealed feature is "the ability to print any digital picture stored on the frame with the touch of a button" - a printer inside a frame? Get out of here!

Naturally enough we have doubts about these two model such as: 'If you want to see your pictures on a 32in screen, why not just use your TV?' Or: 'How thick will a frame be that disguises an ink jet?!' That said, like any curiosity crazed cat, we're desperate to know more.

Guess where all will be revealed? Yep, CES...



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