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Modu T Proves Modu Has Learnt Nothing

Gordon Kelly


Updated: Modu T Proves Modu Has Learnt Nothing

Update 19.11.10: And now it is about to go bust.

Do you remember the Modu phone? Chances are you don't and that's because it was a really horrible idea. First demoed in February 2008 it took until February 2009 to launch (not in the UK) and only sold in teeny, tiny numbers. Well if at first you don't succeed...

The company is back with the 'Modu T' which it claims is the world's lightest touchscreen handset. It has a form factor smaller than a credit card, packs in a 1.3in OLED display, 3G and 2GB of memory. It employs a proprietary widget based OS (why not just use Android?) and it's also about as useless as its predecessor.

What all the hate? In short because the Modu T keeps up the same silly central idea as the original Modu which is: make a tiny, basic handset which can use hot-swappable 'Jackets' that add different functionality. For example there's a camera Jacket and a GPS Jacket which all have to be carried around with you and add extra expense. .

So to quote my now two year old anti-Modu argument - since it is now more relevant than ever:

Quite frankly phones are small enough and already come jam packed with functionality out of the box, they can snap pictures, record videos, seamlessly pair with Bluetooth car kits and stereos and yes, even Bluetooth enabled digital photo frames.

So quite WHY anyone would want to strip all this away is beyond me. If you don't need a digital camera DON'T use it, if you don't want GPS DON'T use it, but at least it's there if you do and these days most phones come virtually free on any decent monthly contract.

Let's take a real world example: you're going on holiday so whereas previously you'd pack your phone and its charger, here you'd pack the phone, its charger and the four or five large jackets you may or may not need for additional functions. Out on a day trip and snapping pictures before using the GPS to guide you home? Hope you brought the right jackets... what a faff! And the final nail in this concept: with a jacket on it's the same size as a regular mobile!

Yep, if money is tight, grab something like an HTC Hero which is going for almost nothing and ditch this.

The Modu T will supposedly be out in Q4, but I doubt we'll get it by then in the UK - if at all. Wondering what the Jackets will look like? So are we, but to give you some light comic relief below is the original Modu with its MP3 player and GPS Jackets.

Oh and before you go saying "It's an old phone, don't be mean" the company has also just announced the original Modu is now on sale in the UK. The price will be £130 sim free for the small basic handset with Jackets having RRPs of £59.99 each. Money saver? Pah!

I'd like to say "Back to the drawing board Modu" but clearly it tried that and learnt absolutely nothing...



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