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Moblin v2.1 Gives Hope To MIDs


Moblin v2.1 Looks Good

Proving that the Atom platform isn't all about netbooks, Intel showed off version 2.1 of the Moblin user interface, and although Moblin has been available to run on netbooks for some time, this latest version was demonstrated on a handheld device for the first time.

Claire Alexander took to the stage to demonstrate just how versatile the latest Moblin is, confirming that the UI will be ready for the launch of Moorestown devices. Obviously the latest version of Moblin is touch-screen compliant, so that Moorestown handsets will be able to compete directly with the established handheld devices.

Moorestown will represent a huge step forward for Intel based handheld devices, with the Moblin UI set to improve usability significantly. Hopefully this will mean that MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), will then be worth bothering with. However, with smartphones becoming more and more feature rich, it may be too little too late.

That said, if Moblin continues to develop and improve, it bodes well for Medfield, which is due in 2011. Medfield will reduce the platform size to a level that will make it viable for smartphones and pocket sized handhelds. And anyone who's using a feature rich smartphone right now, will definitely welcome a more powerful platform.

I'll be trying to get my paws on a handheld device running Moblin v2.1 as soon as humanly possible, so watch this space for the full lowdown and how it compares to the current batch of handheld user interfaces..

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