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Mobile Firefox: First Screenshots Unveiled

Gordon Kelly


Mobile Firefox: First Screenshots Unveiled

It's the king of the desktop browsers, now Firefox is set to crash onto your mobile phones too...

These are the first screenshots to be unveiled since Mozilla formally announced Mobile Firefox in October and although it is still early in development, they certainly give us something to get our teeth stuck into.

What you see in these shots is the 'touchscreen' edition of Mobile Firefox, a second version for standard handsets will be revealed at a later date and will be controlled using a virtual cursor and the usual menus and submenus.

Anyway, on with the (arguably) more interesting of the two and the browser bares more than a passing resemblance to Mobile Safari on the iPhone with a context sensitive search bar that will automatically load URLs or bring up search results. Again like Mobile Safari, web page content can be dragged using a finger and scroll bars will only be displayed while scrolling to minimise display clutter.

Tabbed browsing is in there as well and up to four web page thumbnails can be viewed at any one time. Favourites, browsing history and even an on-screen Qwerty keyboard are also all in this early build though unlike Mobile Safari the constraints of standard non-Applian phones means zooming is handled by buttons rather than the slick multi-touch system of pinching in and out. Furthermore there is no mention RSS functionality, but it is surely on its way.

Sadly, Mozilla is issuing these screenshots solely to tease and titillate at present since there is no mention of when a public beta will be made available. That said, the open source nature of the company means it is a big fan of getting users involved in testing so expect more developments soon...


Mobile Firefox UI

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