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Mitsubishi reveals 92in 3D and 155in OLED TVs


Mitsubishi reveals 92in 3D and 155in OLED TVs

At CES today, Mitsubishi has unveiled two striking new TVs. The first is a whopping 155in OLED model and the other is a still substantial 92in rear projection 3D model.

Intended for advertising and other forms of professional presentation, the 155in OLED model isn't really a telly in the conventional sense. We would also be very surprised if it consisted of a single OLED panel, rather than being made up of a multitude of smaller panels. Nonetheless, given OLED's stunning vividness, high contrast, and infinite viewing angles, it's sure to be an impressive beast.

While we've yet to see the 155in model in the flesh, Mitsubishi did however have a small presence at a pre-show event here today where it was showing off its latest 3D offering, a 92in rear projection offering.

Built using DLP projection technology, the 92in 838 Series boasts surprisingly impressive contrast and saturation and suffers little from rear projection's usual problem of poor viewing angles. The other common issue of rear projection models is depth, meaning you need very large rooms in every dimension to accommodate them. However, at 24in deep, this one isn't quite as bad as you might imagine.

Mitsubishi's previous largest 3D offering was an 82in model, so this latest model is a fairly small step up, but it's still something to behold especially as 3D simply gets better and better the larger screen you have. The biggest problem it faces, though, is it still uses active shutter glasses technology for its 3D abilities. While it seemed to work quite well in the poor environment in which we were viewing it, the glasses are rather expensive. Then again, when the TV's likely to cost over £5,000 (actually quite a modest sum for such a large TV), you may not be too fussed about forking out another £100 or £200 for a families' worth of glasses.

Will rear projection ever grace your living room or home cinema room again? Will you re-mortgage for a house big enough to accommodate either of these monsters? Let us know in the comments.

Martin Daler

January 5, 2011, 3:07 pm

Forget 155", where are the 37-42" OLED models? And did they ever fix OLED's limited lifespan?


January 5, 2011, 11:41 pm

^^^THIS! (Daler)

I don't care about 3D, tablets, or VZW iPhones anywhere near as much as someone bringing this fantastic technology to a practical screen size. If they've just sown a million 31" screens together, then what's the point? I've got a bad feeling that all those different quasi-innovations you guys listed in your annual TV round up are gonna quash any publicity opportunities left for OLED to the point where manufacturers give up on it completely. Right now, the paltry column inches suggest no one cares, which is little incentive for further investment.

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