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Missing Laptops and Mobiles Cost BBC Over £200,000


Missing Laptops and Mobiles Cost BBC Over £200,000

The BBC has mislaid laptops and mobile worth a total of £240,000 a report has revealed.

Staff at the Corporation reported 146 laptops, 65 mobile phones, and 17 Blackberrys missing between April 2008 and March 2010, though presumably not in the back of the same taxi.

The laptops were valued at £219,000, the mobiles £12,913 and the BlackBerrys £9,106, coming to a total of £241,019 - equivalent to 1,656 licence fees.

Of the missing equipment, 19 were recovered, leaving a bill worth £217,569 or one twenty-seventh of Jonathan Ross’s former annual salary.

The information came to light after a Freedom for Information request was filed by computer security company Absolute Software – who by an amazing coincidence punts a laptop tracking service for stolen laptops.

Dave Everitt, Absolute Software's European general manager, was quite angry on our behalf though, and said in a statement, "It is shocking that any organisation could lose so much equipment, but the BBC is just one of many we've seen recently, proving it's all too common.

"In this case, however, this technology is paid for by the licence payer and employees should be far more careful about how they handle it."

It’s a fair comment, when you consider that the average price of the BB laptops comes to £1,500. This seems quite expensive but could be down to the BBC staff requiring laptops powerful enough to edit video comfortably on the go.

A BBC spokeswoman responded in a statement that, "The BBC takes theft very seriously and has implemented a number of measures to reduce the level of crime. The portability of laptops and phones means that in any large organisation there is an inevitable risk of theft."

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