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Mio Launches Latest TV-Enabled Sat-Nav

David Gilbert


Mio Launches Latest TV-Enabled Sat-Nav

It seems as if drivers can’t get enough of TV-enabled sat-navs as Mio has just launched the third in its range of multimedia devices.

The budget Mio Spirit V575 TV costs £149.99 compared to £229.99 for the V735 and £216.94 for the V505 but still includes a Freeview TV tuner, MP3 player and ability to watch films on the move. Of course this is a sat-nav first and foremost and includes a range of navigational features from the Spirit 2010 range. These include snazzy features such as LearnMe, QuickStart, QuickSpell and IQ Routes.

On the multimedia side of things, the widescreen V575, features a an EPG and quick auto-tune functions, which will allow you to get a range of free-to-air channels wherever you decide to park your Ford Fiesta of a night. Of course you can use the V575 while on the move with its MP3 player or attach it to the back of your headrest so the passengers in the back seat can watch a .wmv movie while you toil in traffic. Of course then the sat-nav functions of the V575 go out the window but who wants directions from their PND these days.

However should you want to use it for boring old navigation, the V575’s slew of features claim to make getting to your destination as easy as possible. The LearnMe feature, now synonymous with Mio’s latest range, will learn your driving habits over time and adapt its route options to suit individual preferences. Another handy feature is IQ Routes, again nothing new for Mio devices, which will help you avoid heavy traffic and congestion – so you will have more time to watch TV on your V575.

The V575 is available now for £149.99.

Source: Mio

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