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Mid-Range HTC Gratia Android Phone Unveiled


Mid-Range HTC Gratia Android Phone Unveiled

HTC, fresh from its recent batch run of Windows 7 handsets has announced the HTC Gratia, a new Android 2.2 handset.

Naturally, Android’s naked interface is covered by HTC’s Sense UI, which the company describes as “providing unexpected features that put a smile on your face”. We’re not quite sure what they mean by that, but our eyebrows are firmly raised.

The Gratia is encased in a fairly compact chassis that features a, hopefully pleasing to hold, seamless wrap-around soft-cover with no hard edges. It weighs in at 115g.

Spec wise it’s powered by a 600MHz Qualcomm processer and has a 5-megapixel camera at the rear, and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi. There’s 384MB of RAM built in, and a microSD card slot and the display is 320 x 480.

In other words this is a reasonable looking, fairly modest, but very decent HTC handset, and that fact that we can describe it in these terms despite the fact that it has such niceties such as an accelerometer, a digital compass, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor, shows how far smartphones have come in the last couple of years.

The HTC Gratia will be offered in black, green and white finishes and will be available in Europe in November.

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