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Microsoft Won't Offer New IE Mobile To Existing Owners

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Won't Offer New IE Mobile To Existing Owners

Now here - in a nutshell - is exactly why Windows Mobile has so much catching up to do...

Despite having a decent spec list there was typically bad news regarding Pocket Internet Explorer 6 today with the announcement that all existing WM handset owners will not be able to upgrade to the browser unless they cough up for a new handset.

Yep, that was the laughable news out of Redmond HQ this week after the Windows Mobile Team Blog confirmed it has taken the decision not to make '6 on 6' (as it is also now somewhat ironically dubbed) available for separate download. For any poor, neglected WM owners still paying attention (despite the undoubted ribbing and screams of laugher from your Symbian, Android and iPhone owning colleagues) here's the official reason why:

*Drum roll*

"Regarding making IE Mobile available as a separate download or update, the rich media experiences that IE Mobile 6 enables require more powerful, advanced devices. That is why it will not be available as an upgrade or direct download for current phones, but rather will be made available on new phones."

Ok, that just made the mocking laughter worse didn't it? I mean, really - couldn't Microsoft perhaps have just published it with a minimum spec guide? Oh and I'm sure new Touch HD, Xperia X1 and Touch Pro and Diamond owners will be thrilled to hear how incapable their handsets apparently are.

All I can say is: Haven't Windows Mobile users suffered enough?

Still, never fear - there's a solution at hand and it's not complicated and no hacking skills will be required. It's a one word solution too...



WM Team Blog


November 14, 2008, 10:47 pm

Microsoft seems anti-efficiency in the way it works - everything is sold as faster, more powerful etc and yet it always places demands on hardware that are proven as unnecessary.

Microsoft, in return for the viral way in which manufacturers spread it's germs, seems intent on generating hardware churn of such massive proportions i wouldn't be surprised if the real Wall-E comes about to rid our planet of all the Microsoft-running piles of junk we end up with as a result of following Microsoft's Suggested Hardware Upgrade Paths..

We can't keep doing this Mr Gates - we can only commit so much money and energy to getting simple things done...

Had my rant now - off to endulge in a half-price Ben & Jerry's/Cookie Dough.. Coz i'm worth it!!!!!

Alex 11

November 14, 2008, 10:52 pm

Mozilla Fennec anyone?


November 15, 2008, 7:20 pm

Silly M$... If they don't have enough bad publicity with their Pocket IE. I won't be bothered as I am using Opera with my Touch HD and Skyfire when it's out of beta.

Probably their IE 6 will be so bloated and sluggish anyway that's why they need "new" hardward. lol


November 16, 2008, 7:54 am

"Internet Explorer Mobile 6" - Wow. That's like announcing that MS is finally bringing out a VHS video recorder.

Does anyone from MS own an iPhone? Or a G1? Or indeed anything that doesn't run Windows Mobile?

I guess the smart people in MS are trying to make Vista less of a fat torpid DRM-ridden rabid dog, and the less than smart MS people? They're on the Windows Mobile team.



November 16, 2008, 6:59 pm

I bought a HTC Touch Diamond in the summer (it was my first Windows Mobile phone). I couldn't live with it. After a week I had sent it back. Never again!



November 16, 2008, 8:00 pm

@Steve - It's all about the software. I'm putting together an article on Android v the iPhone's mobile MAC OX S - should make for a good read ;)

Gavin Hamer

November 17, 2008, 7:08 pm


I wonder whether the real reason is some sort of cost, which can only be absorbed on new handsets. Does Adobe Flash Lite come with a price tag?

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