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Microsoft Windows Marketplace Hits 3,000 Apps

David Gilbert


Microsoft Windows Marketplace Hits 3,000 Apps

Following the launch of Windows Phone 7 last month, Microsoft is throwing $1bn at a marketing campaign to help highlight the work being done by developers to bring apps to its Windows Phone Marketplace.

In a blog post this week, Microsoft’s senior director of mobile, Todd Brix outlines five ways in which the software giant is putting all that money to work to promote the developers apps.

Brix states that by the end of this week there will be 3,000 apps in the Marketplace with 15,000 developers signed on to bring out games and apps, a lot of them in time for Christmas. This figure is an 80 percent increase in the amount of developers registered with Microsoft since September. “The developer community is placing some big bets with Windows Phone this holiday, so I want to take a minute to highlight a few things we’re doing to further promote their apps and games,” Brix said.

Among the ways that Microsoft is highlighting its apps in the Marketplace is through Bing Visual Search, through the Xbox dashboard, online and on its Zune PC software.

Brix also announced some new features for developers of Windows Phone apps. For example, developers can now add “deep links” to their websites and other marketing material, taking customers directly to the specific app or game purchase page, on either their phone or the Zune PC software, in a single click.

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