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Microsoft Unveils Official Windows 7 Box Art

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Unveils Official Windows 7 Box Art

So after Apple's domination of headlines last night it seems only fair to give Microsoft some column inches for their retort: Windows 7 *erm* boxes...

For some reason Much speculated upon, the retail boxes for the company's hugely impressive new OS are now being proudly displayed on the Microsoft Store alongside a 'Coming Soon' date we know to be 22 October.

I'm not going to dwell on this too much - because frankly our boredom thresholds should only be tested so much - but what we do see is Microsoft seems to have learnt the skill of more minimalist packaging. That said, I'd have left just the shining Windows logo and a large number '7' on the front and let the colour coding do its thing. Besides, I have a feeling the sides and rear will still be smattered to high heaven with all sorts of specifications, logos and marketing fluff.

Speaking of which I'll be following my own advice and keeping this fairly minimalist. Numerous links below go into Windows 7 and its features in more detail so have a click through. Safe to say, it's the operating system Vista should have been...


Windows 7 at Microsoft Store

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