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Microsoft Unveils Limited Edition 250GB Xbox 360

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Unveils Limited Edition 250GB Xbox 360

Looking for a bit more beef from the Xbox 360?

Microsoft hears your prayers this week with the launch of a 'Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition' that takes the console's HDD storage to a new 250GB high. The console features a rather fetching khaki paint job, while the bundle includes two black wireless controllers, Modern Warfare 2 (obviously) and an Xbox 360 headset.

"It's the highest compliment to the team and our fans to have a special themed Xbox 360 console," said Vince Zampella, CEO of Infinity Ward. "The precision and detail that's been put into the console captures the intensity and feel of ‘Modern Warfare 2.' We can't wait for our community and fans around the world to see for themselves on Nov. 10."

We loved the original Modern Warfare (even if it was officially counted as the fourth Call of Duty) and anticipation for the follow-up is reaching fever pitch. As Zampella points out the limited edition 250GB Xbox 360 launch will coincide with the arrival of the first person shooter on 10 November. In the UK it will be available exclusively at Game and Gamestation.

While we're currently awaiting an official RRP, this sounds like a great Christmas gift idea, apart from the whole having to wait until Christmas part...

Update: An Xbox 360 'Forza Motorsport 3 Super Elite Bundle' will also offer a 250GB HDD, two wireless controllers and a headset when it launches on 23 October. The RRP is £249.99 and no, at present there are no 250GB upgrade options for existing owners or standalone 250GB Xbox 360 consoles - but give it time and I'm sure they'll turn up.

Update 2: The PS3 Slim is to now get a £299 250GB version in October according to joystiq. Given then upgradeable nature of the Sony consoles this isn't such a big deal, but nice nonetheless.


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