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Microsoft Unveils 720p TrueColor Webcams

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Announces 720p TrueColor Webcams

I'm pretty sure I can get through this without a single innuendo poking fun at the way webcams are frequently 'used'...

Picking up from where the LifeCam Cinema left off, Microsoft has expanded its High Definition capable LifeCams with two more 720p models that sport 'TrueColor' technology to boost colour reproduction and brightness in "even the worst lighting conditions" (hmmmn, this going to be harder than I thought... and no, that's not an innuendo).

The LifeCam 'HD-5000' for desktops and 'HD-6000' for notebooks are the models which can better your shady communications. They shoot in widescreen (ambitious) and should be able to keep up with your movements thanks to autofocus. Design is the key differentiator between the two with the HD-5000 featuring a flexible attachment base that bends to fit on most surfaces while the HD-6000 can clamp onto the top of a laptop bezel. The HD-6000 can also rotate 360 degrees "so people can point the webcam in any direction to share more with friends" (just quoting the press release).

Microsoft will launch the HD-5000 in June (which seems a surprisingly long way away) with the HD-6000 landing only slightly earlier in May. Both come with three year warranties and are priced at a premium, though not excessive £49.99. Besides, if you need a low light, colour enhancing HD webcam in your life then I suspect it will pay you back many times over...

So how did I do? Ok, don't answer that.

Update: Microsoft has released a software update for the LifeCam Cinema to also make it compatible with True Color - grab it here.


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