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Microsoft & SanDisk Team To Evolve U3

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft & SanDisk Team To Evolve U3

If you've tried U3 technology then doubtless you'll see its potential but nevertheless feel mildly frustrated by the slow development of apps (we're still on Firefox v1.5 despite v2.0 debuting seven months ago) and lengthy start up time. Thankfully this is technology, so onwards and upwards...

In a joint announcement at the butt end of last week Microsoft and SanDisk declared their intention to "expand and replace" the U3 platform. Little hard fact was given away but the key differentiators are promises of greater security, a more personalised environment and integration with a larger range of applications. Could Microsoft Office support be the big news here?

Worryingly however MS will be solely responsible for the development of this new 'software experience' (so expect patches) while SanDisk integrate its TrustedFlash DRM technology into a new line of Cruzer drives. Hmmmmnnnn....

Despite all this, let it be said that I am a fair man and I look forward to the platform. I'm just not convinced adding Microsoft software developers and DRM into the mix is entirely the way forward for U3...


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