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Microsoft Revives Windows 7 Family Pack

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Microsoft has announced that it will be reviving its Windows 7 Family Pack in the UK in time for Christmas. The Family Pack was introduced last year and provides an upgrade edition of Windows 7 Home Premium with three licences and for less than the cost of two stand-alone copies.

Microsoft announced on its Windows Steam blog that the Family Pack will be on sale in the U.S. from 3 October for $149.99, compared to the cost of a single copy on Amazon of $109.99.

Microsoft’s Ashley Brown said in the blog that the Family Pack will also be coming to the UK, as well as Canada, Germany, France and Australia on 22 October, which as it happens, is the one-year retail anniversary of Windows 7. We don’t currently have confirmation of the UK price, but the going rate last time round was £149, so we'd expect the same.

The upgrade copy will work on computers already running Windows XP or Vista, though if you’re not running either of those OSs your computer is probably not up to the job anyway.

Link: Microsoft Online Store UK.

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