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Microsoft Reveals Office 2010 UK Pricing

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Reveals Office 2010 UK Pricing

While we still have plenty more Mobile World Congress news to bring you, we do have a quick diversion because Microsoft has just announced the UK pricing for Office 2010.

The table below spells everything out rather nicely, so rather than waste time repeating it all ad nauseum it is worth pointing out the main issue: it's not cheap!

Yep, Microsoft certainly hasn't buckled to pressure from the fast evolving and free Google Docs and OpenOffice (now onto v3.2) and reduced the RRPs of its ubiquitous productivity suite. In fact £429.99 for Office Professional rather takes our breath away.

That said, if you are committed to the company's next gen suite then it is worth pointing out that Microsoft hasn't detailed volume licensing for Office 2010 at this time (pray for sizeable discounts). What it has done though is firm up info on its 'Product Key Cards' which do improve the path-of-least-resistance model for businesses and consumers alike. In essence they do exactly what their name suggests: provide users with a licence key(s) for pre-installed Office suites on new PCs. On the flip side this also encourages more PC makers to pre-install Office since they know they can push a Product Key Card at a later date. Simple, but effective.

Microsoft Office 2010 launches in June, and if you haven't tried the free beta download you best follow the link below and get a taste while you still can.


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