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Microsoft Reveals IE8 Release Timeframe

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Reveals IE8 Release Timeframe

Internet Explorer 6 debuted on 27 August 2001. Internet Explorer 7 took a mere five years (!) to follow, launching on 18 October 2006. Using this information we can garner that IE8 will appear in…

Q2 2008 - according to Microsoft.

Yes I find it virtually impossible to believe either, but according to a new post on the official 'IEBlog' a beta of the browser will surface in the first half of next year. So what can we expect?

If Microsoft hits its deadlines (and IE7, Vista and Office enthuse us with virtually no faith) one thing is clear: it won't be the vast overhaul we saw between IE6 and IE7. Instead the major focus will be on 'Acid2' compatibility.

For those who haven't heard of Acid2 before it is effectively a test used to check whether a browser will work with multiple web standards across a variety of features and platforms. In short, everything should look and operate correctly on virtually any web page from any country, encoded on any system - it's a big challenge. Needless to say, IE7 fails Acid2 and so does Firefox 2 (though v3.0 beta 2 passes).

Aside essentially working, IE8 otherwise stands to be the usual fare of performance tweaks and security upgrades. Nope Mozilla fans, go back to sleep IE8 isn't going Open Source anytime soon…



Wil 1

September 13, 2008, 2:22 pm

Amazing. So here we are -- what, 9+ YEARS -- after the W3C recommendation for CSS1, and Microsoft FINALLY is putting out a browser that passes Acid2?? (Opera has passed for quite some time now -- since Opera 9 -- and their current MOBILE browser even passes it.) Meanwhile, IE7, the current incarnation (not counting IE8 beta) performs about as well as Opera 3.6, released SIX years earlier, and well before Acid2.

One would think that with all the advantages Microsoft has over its competitors, they could support not only CSS1 but also CSS2, SVG (already supported in FF and Opera), and any number of other W3C recommendations well ahead of everyone else. However, in typical MS fashion, they prefer to first try to ram their OWN standards down our collective throats, only to later be dragged kicking and screaming to the web standard table, well after all their competitors have moved on to implementing the NEXT generation of standards.

As a web developer, this peeves me to no end. I'm sick of "designing in FF, then hacking for IE" endlessly. When will MS make the hacking unnecessary???

IE8 = FAIL. Looks like I will continue to use Opera as my primary web browser for the foreseeable future.

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