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Microsoft Reveals Full Zune HD Specifications

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Reveals Full Zune HD Specifications

The Zune HD has now been doing the rounds for some time following it's leak, limited spec leak, unveiling and subsequent launch date leak. Yep, Microsoft you may want to rethink your security. Still, it has finally filled in the gaps we wanted to know...

So let's now rattle through the complete picture:

  • 52.7 x 102.1 x 8.9 mm and just 73g

  • 3.3in OLED 480 x 272 pixel multi-touch display

  • Tegra chipset

  • 720p output support at 30fps (WMV HD & H.264)

  • FM/HD Radio

  • WiFi (b/g) & wireless PC synchronisation

  • Mobile web browser

  • Audio codec support for WMA, WMA lossless, AAC and MP3

  • Video codec support for WMV, Mpeg4, H.264

  • HDMI output

  • Up to 33 hours continuous music playback

  • Up to 8.5 hours continuous video playback

  • Charge time three hours, two hours to 90 per cent capacity

  • 16GB and 32GB versions (but expect a 64GB iPod touch in September)

  • Launch 15 September. 16GB $219.99, 32GB $289.99
Yes, it's an impressive list and you can't but wonder how difficult it would have been to add phone and SMS functionality into the Zune HD. Still, as it stands, the player does look a match for the iPod touch though given its September launch time - a month when Apple is expected to announce a larger capacity, faster, cheaper, camera equipped iPod touch - we have yet to see its real competition. Microsoft also lacks the App Store/gaming infrastructure that comes with an iPod touch so it will be interesting to see if Windows Marketplace will carry support.

Finally, there is still no news of an international Zune HD launch, but Microsoft has long said it would only sell to other countries when it felt the quality of its Zune players was up to scratch. I'd say that's now...


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