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Microsoft Reveals First Internet Explorer 9 Details

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Reveals First Internet Explorer 9 Details

A double dose of Microsoft today as the Redmond giant has now come forward with the first details of Internet Explorer 9...

Speaking at its Professional Developers Conference (PDC), the company details plans which ranged from the blindingly obvious to really rather ambitious with the main highlights being:

  • Hardware Acceleration - the most exciting news is that IE9 will tap into DirectX hardware to use the power of the GPU to assist the CPU. The result is said to be much faster overall rendering performance, especially with AJAX

  • HTML 5 - An obvious, but hugely necessary one. Speaks for itself.

  • Better CSS support - Ditto

  • JavaScript - will be apparently boosted to a par with Firefox and Chrome, a loose statement given those two browsers are not remotely equal in their performance (though they do both spank IE8)
On the downside Acid3 scores still seem hugely lacking with the internal IE9 beta claimed to have scored 32/100 compared to 24/100 on IE8. By comparison, Opera and Chrome both achieve 100/100 on this web standards compatibility test while Firefox 3.6 beta manages 92/100. Must do better.

Perhaps worryingly Microsoft was unable to put a timeframe on IE9, even for beta testing. Given its market share is down to 64 per cent as of September 2009 (from over 90 per cent a few years back), coders might want to hurry the hell up...


via ComputerWorld

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