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Microsoft Refreshes Peripheral Line-up

On the consumer side of things, again, Microsoft also has a new keyboard and combined keyboard and mouse package. The board alone is called the Wireless Keyboard 6000 and bundled with the Microsoft Mobile Laser Mouse is called the Wireless Desktop 6000. The keyboard uses 2,4GHz wireless, packs Microsoft's (pretty good) Comfort Curve design and dedicated function and media keys.


Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000


Microsoft's webcams range also saw a pair of new additions, the LifeCam VX5500, a successor to the VX5000 which seems near-enough exactly the same, although it does have interchangeable coloured fascias. More interesting is the LifeCam Show, a smaller device but equally featured. The Show comes with a set of different attachment methods, a clip, a stand and a stick-on magnetic point. Andre Reuter was keen to point out that Microsoft had done extensive testing to ensure the magnetic field produced by the Show wasn't strong enough to cause any damage to any nearby devices.


Microsoft LifeCam Show


Both of these cameras benefit from a new LifeCam software suite, which adds to the existing capabilities, such as image warping and effects, such as snow or masks, with a new Windows Live application called video Messages, which does pretty much what it says on the tin. The idea is, that when messenger contacts are offline you can send them a video message, which they can access next time they're online. If the recipient has Vista, then a sidebar gadget can alert them to newly received messages, whereas XP, Linux or Mac users will have to use the windows Live web portal.

The LifeCam VX5500 is set to cost around £49.99 and the LifeCam Show will be about £79.99.


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