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Microsoft: Project Natal Backwards Compatibility Unlikely

Gordon Kelly


Ever since its E3 debut Microsoft's Project Natal technology has had everyone on the front of their seats (pun intended). So it's time for something of a reality check...

Gaming site Destructoid.com has revealed that backwards compatibility of the controller-less gaming technology is going to be extremely unlikely with existing titles. It quotes Microsoft Games' Kudo Tsunoda as saying a simple patch won't do the trick and that demoed games (Burnout Paradise along with Xbox Live Arcade titles Space Invaders Extreme and Beautiful Katamari) required significant code reprogramming.

So the situation seems clear: no Project Natal goodness for the likes of Halo 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Grand Theft Auto IV (the last of these may be for the best!). That said, whether developers of some of the biggest titles will either a) take the time to do all the necessary recoding, or b) cash in by re-releasing games with Natal support, remains to be seen. Obviously the former is more desirable, but even the latter would at least give gamers the option to get their hands dirty (so to speak).

Would you pay a second time to get Project Natal functionality on your favourite titles or do you even care about backwards compatibility? We - and I suspect Microsoft - would like to know...


via Destructoid.com

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