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Microsoft Prices Up Windows 7 Family Pack

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Prices Up Windows 7 Family Pack

We managed to get you an exclusive earlier this month detailing Windows 7 UK upgrade pricing, and now Microsoft has been good enough to release the cost for its much anticipated Family Pack.

The bundle will offer three Windows 7 Home Premium licences in a single box for £149.99, which works out to just £50 per copy. Microsoft does warn, however, that Windows 7 Family Packs will only "be available in limited quantities". This seems odd considering it seems one of the most practical deals around, but perhaps it wants to limit the practice of 2/3 users pooling together to save money.

Like the Full and Upgrade editions, the Family Pack will go on sale on the global launch date of 22 October. Pricing for these versions remains the same, though Microsoft has said the £79.99 cost for the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade edition is an offer only valid until 31 December after which it will cost £99.99. Windows Vista PCs will upgrade to Windows 7, but Windows XP will not.

All in all, looking at the new non-'E' RRPs you'd have to say those who chose to take advance of the £49.99 Windows 7 Home Premium special offer really did cash in...


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