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Microsoft Planning To Lay Off 17% of Staff

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Planning To Lay Off 17% of Staff

It's getting worse, people...

Showing that even the seemingly untouchable can actually be groped to an unerring extent it is claimed Microsoft is set to cut loose up to 17 per cent of its entire workforce.

According to Fudzilla, web chitter chatter to this effect is now "no longer a rumour but a fact" and it would see Microsoft's 90,000 global workforce trimmed by approximately 15,000 jobs come 15 January. As to which countries or departments will be hit worst that remains up in the air but it is said EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and MSN could be hit hardest by the redundancies.

Safe areas? I wouldn't like to speculate but gaming is doing well currently and I suspect there won't be any desire to trim down the huge Windows 7 coding team at this crucial time. As for marketing and sales, I wouldn't feel so confident.

It's times like these that Microsoft probably won't want to be reminded that blowing $10m on those train wreck Bill Gates / Jerry Seinfeld commercials would've paid a lot of salaries...


via Fudzilla

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