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Microsoft 'Pink' Social Networking Smartphones Land 12 April

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft 'Pink' Social Networking Smartphones Land 12 April

It seems Apple isn't the only company with something up its sleeve this month...

Following the Cupertino giant's announcement it will unveil iPhone OS 4.0 on Thursday, Microsoft has sprung back with its own teaser to journos that "It's time to share". Unlike the Apple announcement, however, (which has the Web spinning in circles as it spouts random theories) Microsoft's launch is more certain with CNet stating it will be for the company's long awaited Pink smartphones.

Separate to the (thankfully renamed) 'Windows Phone 7', Pink - or 'Project Pink', as it was known - refers to a range of handsets that have come from the purchase of SideKick maker Danger in 2008. The resultant phones are therefore said to be a radical departure for Microsoft focusing on affordable prices, 'fun' styling, core integration of social networking sites and a youthful target market. Think Inq Chat 3G.

Can Microsoft pull this off? Well, Pink has long been rumoured to be in a state of turmoil with the project on the brink of collapse on multiple occasions so our expectations are tempered. Then again, given the radical overhaul of Windows Phone 7 it could well surprise us. From what we understand, Pink phones will first launch in the US on Verizon. Whether this is just a first step or part of a Zune-esque US only strategy is unknown.

Can Microsoft do youthful and funky? We'll know in less than a week...

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

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