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Microsoft Office Web Apps Will Support Mobile Browsers

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Office Web Will Support Mobile Browsers

It seems Microsoft is really serious about making a good job of Office Web...

On the back of the company's Microsoft Office Symbian deal the Redmond giant has confirmed it will not only be targeting Cloud based PC development, but full access for multiple smartphone browsers.

Quietly revealed in an FAQ about the Symbian and Office tie-up Microsoft states:

Will Office Web Applications work on mobile browsers, or just PC browsers?

Yes, mobile browsers will be supported for Office Web applications. We are still in early phases of development and will share additional details around specific browsers and functionality at a later date.

It also spoke in guarded terms about a mobile version of Silverlight, its Adobe Flash rival:

Where is Silverlight Mobile and where is it for Symbian? Will Silverlight Mobile play a role at all in Office Mobile?

We are continuing to evaluate the market and listen to customers to build the best possible mobile product with Silverlight. We are currently conducting a private beta with our ISVs and have received great feedback so far. As the Windows Mobile team announced at Tech Ed North America 2009, Windows Mobile 7 will include Silverlight. We have nothing to announce at this time regarding Silverlight Mobile and Office Mobile.

What can we make of all this? Not a great deal other than 2010 will finally see Microsoft pick a long overdue fight with Google Docs. Let the best multinational, corporate, software giant win...


via ars technica

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