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Microsoft Offers Windows 7 to Students For £30

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Offers Windows 7 to Students For £30

Dear impoverished students, Microsoft has a present for you...

Because the Redmond monolith knows how important your weekly beer money is it has announced a superb promotion: Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional for just £30. Yep, a no strings £30!

"You can take advantage of this offer from October 1st but you will need to be quick as it is for a limited time only and is only eligible to college and university students with a valid .EDU email address (an email address given by the college or university, for example: Suzanne@leeds.ac.uk ), a PC that is currently running a genuine copy of Windows Vista or Windows XP and can run Windows 7," said the company is possibly the longest promotional sentence ever written.

With Mac OS X Snow Leopard priced at £25, then £30 certainly is a bargain for what is easily Microsoft's best operating system in 10 years. Then again, given the initial problems suffered by Vista, it could be said Microsoft owed us this one.

So who can be annoyed about this? 1. The huge numbers of students that don't have a legitimate copy of either Vista or XP. 2. The usual types who bash on about "student dossers" (ignore them). 3. The meticulous students who made the effort to pre-order Windows 7 Home for £49.99 or Professional for £99.99 and thought they had a good deal. Ever read the tortoise and the hare? Now get moving, you're wasting valuable drinking time!


Windows 7 UK Student Offer

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