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Microsoft Offers Free Storage Upgrade


Microsoft Offers Free Storage Upgrade

If own a Core or Arcade Xbox, don't have the 128MB of free memory required to get the forthcoming Xbox Dashboard update and are a little miffed about that fact then fret no longer as Microsoft has a solution. On offer to such Xbox owners is either a free 512MB memory card, or a dirt- cheap 20GB hard drive. And all you need is your console's serial number and console ID.

If you're after free storage then you'll have to have a Core system and a 64MB memory card as Arcade owners aren't eligible, but you'd have to be crackers to ignore the insanely good price Microsoft is offering a 20GB hard drive upgrade for: namely, £12.99. If you've got a 256MB or 512MB memory card already have you'll only be able to pick the hard drive upgrade option - at a crazy discount from the £70 MSRP!

Arcade system owners get the same deal of a £12.99, 20GB hard drive. Those Xbox owners who haven't had a Live subscription for 12 months or more will be given the also-pretty-reasonable offer of a 20GB hard drive and three months Live subscription for £19.99.

Okay, the cynical side of me thinks this is actually a pretty good way of not losing too much money on all those spare 20GB drives that must be sitting around now that model is discontinued. Frankly, though, Microsoft isn't exactly being ungenerous in giving the storage-deprived something for next to nothing, so there's no ground for complaint.

All in all it's good news all around, unless you're a PS3 or Wii owner and aren't affected, I guess.


Xbox Storage Upgrade.

Matt G Baish

October 15, 2008, 2:06 pm

A mate of mine has input the details of his Arcade xbox which `qualifies` but then he is asked to enter his address in the US. He's in the UK so obviously he couldn't enter an address.

It may be that he forgot to select the UK on first screen - or maybe the site is not geared up properly yet for outside US (tch! if so).

Anybody having problems with this?

mr dog

October 16, 2008, 8:43 pm

could have something to do with xbox live settings, a lot of people had their accounts tied to US addresses to get access to american content, try checking microsoft live to make sure everything is set to the UK

Big Rich

October 27, 2008, 5:49 pm

Got mine delivered last week on the &#16319.99 offer. I gotta say it's a great deal given that everywhere you look in the shops and on the net you're still looking at 70-odd quid for one! I'm going to delete all those demo's off it though and free up some space.

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