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Microsoft NXE Hits Tomorrow


Microsoft NXE Hits Tomorrow

Tomorrow is set to be a small taste of Christmas come early for all Xbox 360 owners. "Why?" you ask. Because tomorrow the long-awaited New Xbox Experience update hits bringing its numerous improvements, that's why.

Top of the list is the redesigned interface. And trust me on this, having had a bit of hand-on time it really is a massive overhaul of the current (or previous, if you're reading thin after the 19th) dashboard. Slick is the word that springs to mind immediately There's also the addition of Avatars - basically the Xbox equivalent of the Nintendo's Miis on the Wii - which, as well as allowing a greater degree of profile customisation, are apparently set to feature in a few upcoming games, too.

Also of great benefit to many owners will be hard drive installs. Being able to play Gears of War 2 online and communicate with team mates without having to shout over the sound of the DVD spinning constantly will be a huge boon!

Best of all - the update is free for one and all so there's absolutely no reason not to grab it. Not even "I don't have enough hard space" is a valid excuse, because Microsoft has taken care of that, too.

Big Rich

November 18, 2008, 10:23 pm

Will this update be avaliable online only or will you be able to install it off games released after tomorrow also? I ask I haven't got my xbox 360 connected up to the internet (yeah I know I'm missing out but I refuse to spend the &#16360 on the wi-fi box for it!)


November 18, 2008, 11:12 pm

...now all we need them to do is drop the price of the 120GB hard drive, so we can have more than one game installed at once...

...but this is microsoft. They live in a world where &#1631/GB is pretty good value for money...


November 19, 2008, 3:07 am

@ big rich?

what about the ethernet cable that comes in the box? i wouldn't want my 360 without live.


November 19, 2008, 3:25 am

You know its starting to get on my nevrves that people cannot say that the xbox 360 is a good thing.. yeah its loud.. sometimes they breakdown.. mine 3yrs not a problem I now have 3, yes you read that right we have 3 xbox's in the house and still after 3 yrs it has the best online content .. I had a wii.. and thats gone, I got rid of my ps3 because it was the same as my xbox, yeah lets get back into the argument of blu-ray but...its a console!! its ment to play games and at this moment in time the 360 does that best. Thats fact you cant take that away from M$ they did a good job.. thats it.. so again if you dont want it dont buy it, and if you think that 120gb hd is gonna solve all your problems then rember the games dont come on blu-ray on average they are about 6-8gb in size so how many games do you want to play at the same time.. damm am I ranting hell I am !! Also, just to a note, how come in most game stores the wii and the ps3 have the main view when you walk in.. the 360 game are hidden.. next time to you walk in to game or gamestation check it.. and if this gets posted I will play another round of gow2


November 19, 2008, 3:30 am

damm.. im so tired.. really do i have to play it again! ;)


November 19, 2008, 3:50 am


No, I didn't say that MS selling a bog standard 120GB HDD for at least a price that is somewhere on this earth would solve all my problems. It would take Gillian McKeith and a whole troop of guards to do that. But most people have a 20GB xbox 360. I play 5-6 games at any one time. I would love to be able to just chuck em on the HDD, and forget about having to turn my amp up louder to hear the game over the console.

I have 2 xbox 360's - one RROD'd - but thanks to MS's generous offer, I only have to drive 65 miles to drop it off (and I live in a fairly heavily urban area) - but because I like the console so much, I bought an arcade version, and dropped my old HDD into that.

I KNOW the xbox 360 is a good thing (unless google decide to get in on the act, of course...). I can only play my wii with other pissed people around me - I'm not going to comment on the PS3 for fear of trolling fanbois - I just wish that MS had opened up the HDD upgrade path like sony have. Putting a 500GB -1TB hard drive in a 360 is much better than the DNLA minefield that is using a NAS drive with the 360 to get some decent media on there.

Again, just my two pennorth, And note the use of punctuation. Makes comments much easier to read.

prag fest

November 19, 2008, 3:54 am

@ big rich

MAte, for the sake of &#16360 you're missing out on the single best thing about the xbox. Suck it up and get one, if you resnet givng MS the cash that much, pick up a wireless bridge or something.

Back on topic, cant wait for the update, bye bye drive noise and hello party chat. The avatars can sod off though.


November 19, 2008, 4:13 am

@lume; Lol@sometimes they break down. Are you a standup comedian in your spare time when you're not working on M$'s campus?

The thing is a noisy, rushed job, and only recently have they ironed out all the problems. And yes, I own one, too.


November 19, 2008, 12:54 pm

Forget the bickering...

What time on the 19th will this sweetness hit uk consoles...?

mr dog

November 19, 2008, 2:22 pm

About 10am apparently, which i wish i had known before staying up till 3 disconnecting and reconnecting to live to try and get the damn thing


November 19, 2008, 3:33 pm

Does this update have Internet browsing, I still can't believe you can't browse the internet with the console, PS3 owners can, M$ make a browsers too, so what's going on there. The Xbox is a great console, but sometimes M$ are a pain in the butt. Also like somebody pointed out not being able to put your own HD in is a pitta.

Gavin Hamer

November 19, 2008, 3:52 pm

Looks like Sony just took the Studio format war online:



November 19, 2008, 4:05 pm

@ mr dog

lol! i kinda did the same thing but gave up at 1. tried again this morning before work but still no joy yet.

i do wish the 360 shared the ps3's hardware qualities but for me there's no contest when it comes to software and services.


November 19, 2008, 4:33 pm

@ Big Rich

You can hook up your XBOX to the LAN on your PC and use your PC's Wireless, its very easy to do. I was using this before moving over to a powerline adaptor (Thanks BT Vision).

Only downer is that your PC has to be on to use WiFi but XBox Live more than make up for this!

here a link on Internet connection sharing:


Jack 1

November 19, 2008, 5:40 pm

What a dream!!!

An almost silent Xbox whilst playing FIFA, now this WAS worth the wait!

Can't say I'm too impressed with the avatars though, not enough customisation in my opinion. Fair enough there are plenty of optional features, but I want to be able to change the position and size of said features.


November 19, 2008, 7:04 pm

Well I downloaded both the files for the NXE only for my 1 year old Elite to then crash and show me 3 lovely red rings. Emailed Microsoft straight away but now I see their support request page has suddenly gone down for 'maintenance' hmmm... anyone else having problems?


November 19, 2008, 7:15 pm

Not to sound facetious, but have you tried unplugging from the mains and trying to start the console again?


November 19, 2008, 7:57 pm

Yeah several times but still no luck, one of the fans sounds like its trying to start but failing before the red lights start flashing. Never had any overheating problems with it before and the machine was turned on only minutes before installing the NXE so I dont think it can be a co-incidence either


November 19, 2008, 7:58 pm

Ouch. Sucks to be you I guess.


November 20, 2008, 2:44 pm

Wow, how totally underwhelmed have i been from the NXE. What a let down.


November 21, 2008, 1:22 am

Is it just me or does anyone else's control disconnect while playing a game after the update. (I prefer the old dashboard!)

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