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Microsoft Launches Office 2010 Beta

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Launches Office 2010 Beta

We've had the Technical Preview, now Microsoft is busting out the first beta of Office 2010.

With Windows 7 done and dusted (rather impressively so too), 2010 has a lot to live up to. On the surface little has changed with the major (and controversial) 'Ribbon' UI now applied to the entire suite (I'm a fan). Consequently it is more evolution than revolution, but there are still a number of notable features.

A 64bit edition, built in screen capture, more extensive image editing, smart templates, better support for Windows 7 jump lists, integrated presentation broadcasting and recording tools are all in there but the real attraction should be the evolution of SkyDrive. This provides 25GB of online storage space and enables a Cloud-based workspace with simultaneous document collaboration. For a much greater examination however take a look at our Office 2010 Technical Preview review.

Excited as we are (well, relatively - this is a productivity suite after all) what could prove far more significant for Microsoft however is Office Web, the company's online assault on Google Docs. Also due in 2010, it may pull the carpet from under the traditional boxed edition given a free ad-supported model will be available to the masses.

Still as far as today goes TechNet and MSDN subscribers can download Office 2010 beta now, which means it will start appearing on torrent sites... any... minute... oh, it's already there.

Update: A download public option for has been added to the main Microsoft Office 2010 site.


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