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Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move Selling Well

David Gilbert


Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move Selling Well

It appears that people around the world are embracing the motion control phenomenon with both hands – and arms, legs, heads and every other part of their bodies for that matter.

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that it had sold 2.5million units of its motion sensor, the Kinect since it was launched earlier this month. Selling a huge 1million Kinects in just the first ten days, Microsoft are not resting on its laurels stating it is still aiming at hitting the 5million unit mark before the end of the year.

"We are thrilled about the consumer response to Kinect, and are working hard with our retail and manufacturing partners to expedite production and shipments of Kinect to restock shelves as fast as possible to keep up with demand," Microsoft's president of the Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick stated.

We then heard yesterday reports that Sony had sold 4.1million units of its attempt at motion control domination, the Move. However Sony has since issued a confirmation to this figure stating that the figure is the number of Move units shipped to shops around the globe. "While we don't disclose our exact sell-through number, the key is that our retailers continue to ask for more Move units and are taking every unit we can supply them with based on their sales," said the company.

The Move’s two handsets – the Motion and Navigation controllers – are available for purchase separately or as part of a Starter Pack and are used in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera. Sony stipulates the figure of 4.1million units is “cumulative” and “does not include sales of stand-alone PlayStation Eye camera or stand-alone PlayStation Move navigation controller” units. The Move has been on sale since mid-September in the US, Europe and Asia and since October 21 in Japan.

The battle between the Move and the Kinect is sure to hot up as people get down to some serious Christmas shopping in the coming weeks and the eventual winner of this battle is unlikely to be known for some months yet.

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