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Microsoft Finally Updates Windows Phone 7

David Gilbert


Microsoft Finally Updates Windows Phone 7

The wait is finally over as Microsoft has finally released the first update of the Windows Phone 7 OS bringing copy-and-paste, better Facebook integration and better Marketplace search. However we are still waiting to hear from networks as to when they will roll out the update to users.

While there have been some minor updates in the past couple of months, these were basically to prepare WP7 devices for this first official update. Called NoDo, short for No Donuts, which seems to be a thinly veiled dig at Android’s dessert-related updates, the update will bring the long awaited copy-and-paste functionality. The feature will be found in a contextual menu that can be opened by tapping a word and then dragging handlebars to selection the word(s) you want. You can also tap-and-hold the handlebars to bring up the menu.

Among the other features the NoDo update will bring include better search in Marketplace, ability to handle photo attachments in non-Exchange email accounts, and the removal of the limit on the number of WiFi profiles which can be saved on the phones. WP7 launched on a number of devices last November, and at Mobile World Congress last month, Steve Ballmer detailed a major update bringing multi-tasking for third party apps, Twitter integration, support for Office documents in the cloud (via SkyDrive) and most interestingly a “dramatically enhanced Web browser experience” with IE9 to come to a WP7. This so called Mango update is expected to come later this year.

For now WP7 users will look forward to getting the first of the updates pushed out in the coming days. Have you received the update? Let us know and what you think of it in the comments.

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