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Microsoft Finally Updates Windows Phone 7

David Gilbert


Microsoft Finally Updates Windows Phone 7

The wait is finally over as Microsoft has finally released the first update of the Windows Phone 7 OS bringing copy-and-paste, better Facebook integration and better Marketplace search. However we are still waiting to hear from networks as to when they will roll out the update to users.

While there have been some minor updates in the past couple of months, these were basically to prepare WP7 devices for this first official update. Called NoDo, short for No Donuts, which seems to be a thinly veiled dig at Android’s dessert-related updates, the update will bring the long awaited copy-and-paste functionality. The feature will be found in a contextual menu that can be opened by tapping a word and then dragging handlebars to selection the word(s) you want. You can also tap-and-hold the handlebars to bring up the menu.

Among the other features the NoDo update will bring include better search in Marketplace, ability to handle photo attachments in non-Exchange email accounts, and the removal of the limit on the number of WiFi profiles which can be saved on the phones. WP7 launched on a number of devices last November, and at Mobile World Congress last month, Steve Ballmer detailed a major update bringing multi-tasking for third party apps, Twitter integration, support for Office documents in the cloud (via SkyDrive) and most interestingly a “dramatically enhanced Web browser experience” with IE9 to come to a WP7. This so called Mango update is expected to come later this year.

For now WP7 users will look forward to getting the first of the updates pushed out in the coming days. Have you received the update? Let us know and what you think of it in the comments.


March 23, 2011, 6:59 pm

A month late, but still better than Android is doing with updates. Also I really appreciate the fact they've said what's coming in Mango (and given a rough time estimate), with Android & iOS it's all hidden until the day of release.

I'm on Android now, tempted to move to WP7 come Autumn if MS keep up these improvements.


March 23, 2011, 11:52 pm

@HK I'm on an old win 6.1 phone here. Friends are all on Android. I'm curious as to why you want to change from Android; is it just the update situation ?


March 24, 2011, 12:19 am

I feel quite the opposite. I really hate it when companies announce things that won't be available to end users for many months.

In my opinion Apple has very much the right policy when it comes to product announcements.


March 24, 2011, 12:54 am

The NoDo update was named after one of the programmers forgot to bring Donuts to a team meeting.
HK - I moved from Android to WP7 3 weeks ago and haven't looked back since! Can't wait for multi-tasking to come

Trevor Totten

March 24, 2011, 2:19 am

I tried WP7 on my HTC HD2, but to be honest, I just got bored with it. Android appeals more to my inner geek!

@HK: If you want regular Android updates, you can flash your phone with CyanogenMod ROMs. Current ROMs are Android 2.3 and you'll get nightly updates with bugfixes and enhancements. Plus, when new versions of Android are released, they're right on top of them, and you'll never have to wait for manufacturer releases.

And as far as WP7 updates are concerned, Microsoft has tight control over the sort of hardware that the OS runs on, and as such all WP7 phones are quite similar, so the manufacturers probably don't have to do much with the updates before release


March 24, 2011, 7:01 pm

@cliche: I dunno, I just got a bit bored with Android after a few months. It's also not quite as stable as i'd like, the odd dropped call or so. Might be my firmware, but I shouldn't have to update every day to fix bugs.

WP7 looks clean and fresh, not just a copy of the iPhone which Android is a little too close to at times (Honeycomb seems a vast improvement, though it's not ready for phones yet). And yes MS have tight control over the hardware means all WP7 phones should get updated faster and be of better quality, this is a good thing. A midway between iOS & Android and I think the perfect compromise.

@Trevor: I've got a custom ROM on my phone, but to be honest I get fed up updating it every week or so to get bug fixes. I just want it to work (I sound like an Apple user there!). GB was released in December, there's still no stable everyday version for my phone so I'd dispute ur comment there. I've a Samsung Galaxy so there really should be a good GB ROM considering GB was released on the Nexus which is almost the same hardware.

Trevor Totten

March 25, 2011, 1:46 am

@HK: I can understand your point of view. But I've never had any major issues with Android custom ROMs, and never had a single dropped call on either of my two Android phones with many different ROMs. If I had a problem, I just flashed something else. But that's really the appeal of Android for me - I get to tinker with it. Like I said, it appeals to my inner geek! It even has me running Linux now, which I never used before, and considering getting into Android development. Long way to go there though!

But WP7 certainly does look clean and fresh, we're agreed on that. Luckily though, I have a HTC HD2, which can dual boot WP7 and Android, so when copy and paste and multi-tasking are added, I'll be giving WP7 another try. Choice is always good ;)

Arctic Fox

March 28, 2011, 2:12 pm

I must say that it is refreshing to read "droidboys" and "softies" having a friendly chat about their respective operating systems without the howling one gets at certain other sites! Long may it continue.


A happy Desire Z owner.

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