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Microsoft Demos First Windows Phone 7 Series LG Handset

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When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 Series it not only completely overhauled the software behind its mobile OS, but also announced it would be taking a strict hands-on roll with the hardware it could be installed upon. So what has LG come up with?

Speaking on The Engadget Show, Microsoft's Aaron Woodman gave the world a first look at the Korean's first handset - and the first Qwerty slider - built specifically for 7 Series (that name is going to start grating soon).

Specifics around the model weren't revealed, but Show host Josh Topolsky did get some play time and described it as only fractionally thicker than an iPhone 3GS and Nexus One. Video of the handset also confirms a 3.5mm headphone jack (remember when companies were too stupid to offer this? Seems like a lifetime ago), 5MP camera with flash the front 'Back', 'Home' and 'Search' hardware buttons Microsoft insists will have to feature on every 7 Series smartphone.

Other than this Microsoft was saying nothing which is unsurprising given we won't see Windows Phone 7 Series until Q4 and phone hardware could (and hopefully should) evolve between now and then.

Enough to start getting excited about? Perhaps a teeny, tiny tingle...

via Endgaget

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