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Microsoft Demos Controller Which Reacts to Muscle Tissue

Gordon Kelly


Think Project Natal was the limit of Microsoft's plans for future controller technology? No chance!

The software giant has shown off an experimental new tech which reacts to user's muscle tissue. Unveiled as part of a newly filed Microsoft patent, the tech uses 'Electromyography' (EMG) - the tiny, detectable electrical energy in our muscles - and translates it into controller instructions.

As present, the prototype system uses an arm band which has an additional number of sensors attached. It looks kinda scary, though the demo using Guitar Hero is undeniably cool. The patent also talks of expanding this system to cover other areas such as the head and legs (and no, don't even go there).

At this stage there isn't much more to say. Microsoft (understandably) hasn't put a timeframe on getting this tech to market or even confirmed if it definitely will be launched. Still, I can't help but think gaming in 2020 is going to be freakin' awesome....


Microsoft 'Muscle-Computer Interfaces Team

via Gizmodo

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