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Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 SP1 Release Date

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 SP1 Release Date

Suck it up, because this is about the only Apple-free news story that's going to make any headway on the Internet today following the launch of the iPhone 4...

Microsoft has formally announced when it will release the first Service Pack for Windows 7. In a fairly verbose post on its Windows Team Blog it proclaimed: "we are pleased to announce that by the end of July we will be releasing the public beta of Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7."

Given Windows 7 SP1 has already been leaked, its contents won't come as much of a surprise with a compilation of bug fixes, performance and stability tweaks the primary focus. In fact Microsoft communications manager Brandon LeBlanc has previously admitted: "For Windows 7, SP1 includes only minor updates, among which are previous updates that are already delivered through Windows Update."

And as we've already discussed, it's just a big exercise to reassure corporations about deploying Windows 7. Why? Because corporates are stupid old beasts (and the main reason why Internet Explorer 6 still has any market share at all) and they like to see Service Packs on products before they trust them. Problem is Windows 7 came out just fine, so now Microsoft has to pretend it is fixing something that was never broken in the first place just to gain their trust.

Which is a compliment to Windows 7... ...and a damning indictment of the OSes which came before creating this scaredy-cat culture.

In related news Microsoft is about to end support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 meaning no more security patches and a one way trip to Virus Land. So if you haven't upgraded yet then the message is: What On Earth Have You Been Doing?!

Source: Windows Team Blog

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