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Microsoft Confirms Kinect Pricing

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft Confirms Kinect Pricing

As many of you were quick to point out, Microsoft did not actually confirm pricing during the launch for Kinect. Now it has...

Rather than go the traditional route and put out an public announcement for the hugely anticipated device formerly known as Project Natal (a name I still much prefer), the company has instead just quietly released it on its store.

At the graphic shows, $149.99 is the RRP Microsoft is sticking too which works out as £101.54 so fingers (naively?) crossed for a £99.99 price tag in Blighty. This price should stick too given Microsoft boldy states in the listing: "Pre-orders are covered by our Pre-Order Price Guarantee and can be reviewed, updated, or canceled at any time before pre-order items are released." Given you can pre-order the Kinect now that would seem to nail things down.

All in all - fanfare or not - this seems a rather positive development for a potentially revolutionary piece of kit given it will set you back roughly the same as putting together a single PlayStation Move controller (39.99 euros + 29.99 euros + the PlayStation Eye).

So are you now convinced or do you actually play games without the express intention of exercising yourself into a clumsy, sweaty mess?


Kinect Sensor Microsoft Store Listing (note cookies may take you to UK store)

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