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Microsoft App Makes 2D Pictures 3D

Gordon Kelly


Microsoft App Makes 2D Pictures 3D

I’m a sucker for a funky app as much as the next man and Microsoft’s new ‘Photosynth’ programme has the potential to be up there with the best of them…

Designed as part of the company’s expansive Live Labs project, the software will literally be able to analyse collections of photos and automatically turn them into three dimensional spaces.

The software works by comparing shots of a place or object, interpreting the distance and dimensional similarities and differences and from this re-rending it in 3D. We’re not talking 3D glasses style 3D here either but end results that can be walked or flown through and zoomed in and out of. Photosynth will also let users see from where each original picture was taken in relation to one another, let you find similar photos to the one your viewing and even design custom tours through your space. Being a Live Labs development, the ultimate aim is to enable us to post such creations on the web and blog it on site’s like MSN Spaces.

Now at this stage it remains unclear just how many shots a user will need to take of an object or place for Photosynth to work effectively, but it would seem logical that this will be one of the key factors the design team is trying to minimise.

A fantastically cool video of the whole process is available here as either a stream or permanent download and though Microsoft hasn’t put a formal date on the first beta release this is one tool which could have almost limitless personal and commercial applications. Just imagine trying it to map technology, for example…

That said, the persistent child in me can’t wait to apply Photosynth to human shots and when the time comes you’ll get to see - in terrifying detail - just why I bully The Spode so much…



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