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Microsoft Announces WP7 Update

David Gilbert


Microsoft Announces WP7 Update

Updating software on mobile phones is a contentious issue. Either updates don’t arrive at all, don’t arrive in time or when they do arrive don’t make a bit of difference to the phone’s functionality.

When Microsoft announced its Windows Phone 7 platform last year, it promised consistent updates delivered to all WP7 phones in a timely fashion. This would have made Android phone owners jealous who have consistently been frustrated at update delays and no-shows. Microsoft’s first update of WP7 has been widely speculated upon, even to the point of someone suggesting it would be like Windows Phone 8. Today however, Microsoft has thrown some cold water on this type of speculation by making an official announcement about the update – but omitted to tell us when we would be getting it.

Copy and Paste is coming. For all those amazed ad annoyed at the omission of C&P from WP7, you will be able to copy all the text you want from Office Mobile documents, web pages, emails and text messages once the update arrives. Other than this obvious addition, Microsoft will make searching in the Marketplace a lot smoother to find specific apps, games, or music. Previously, searching for a game or app would throw up a load of music results but now searching in the games or apps section will only return these results.

Other than that there’s not much by way of insight into what the update will bring besides an unspecific speed boost for game and app startup. WP7 users will be disappointed that Microsoft has not mentioned bringing multi-tasking to the OS for non-Microsoft apps but it did say this was “a peek at some of what’s ahead,” so maybe, just maybe we’ll be seeing it whenever the update arrives.

When the update will arrive is still a mystery. Microsoft announced in December that the first update would come in early 2011. The post today tells users to “over the next few months, look for updates that add some new features you’ve asked for and also tune up your phone’s performance.” That could mean we could be waiting months for the update or it could mean that in the coming months we will get a number of updates.

Source: Microsoft

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