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Microsoft Announces Strong Windows Phone 7 Game Line-Up


Microsoft Announces Strong Windows Phone 7 Game Line-Up

Microsoft has announced a batch of over 50 games that will be available at launch on Windows Phone 7 handsets.

The extensive list of 63 games includes some top-of-the-line franchises, such as Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst, Assassins Creed, two Star Wars titles (Battle for Hoth, and Cantina), Halo: Waypoint and Guitar Hero 5. There will also be a good number of casual games such as Bejewelled and Uno.

The announcements were made at the Gamescom 2010 conference in Cologne, Germany by Kevin Unangst, senior director of PC and mobile gaming

While the jury is still out on whether Windows Phone 7 will have what it takes to compete in a very competitive smartphone market, the Xbox Live integration is certainly going to be a big pull. Making games part and parcel of the platform is essential if Microsoft wants to have any kind of response to the success of games on the iPhone app store.

“We’re really approaching this as we would a console, so we have to deliver the breadth of games and the quality people expect from Xbox,” Unangst said in a statement from Microsoft. “To have this quantity and quality of games committed this far ahead of launch, with even more to come, is a statement of support that says Windows Phone 7 will be a big success.”

Consumers clearly look to gaming as an expected experience on their mobile phone now, and we’re going to take that expectation and that delivery up to a different level,” he said.

Interestingly, the games will actually make use of the fact that they’re being played on a handset, as in the tower defence game Crackdown 2, you’ll be able to use real life locations in the game using Bing Maps.

Microsoft also revealed tight integration between the Windows Phone 7 games hub and your Xbox live account, with avatars, messaging and whether your friends are available to play with online all appearing on the phone.

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