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Microsoft Announces Strong Windows Phone 7 Game Line-Up


Microsoft Announces Strong Windows Phone 7 Game Line-Up

Microsoft has announced a batch of over 50 games that will be available at launch on Windows Phone 7 handsets.

The extensive list of 63 games includes some top-of-the-line franchises, such as Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst, Assassins Creed, two Star Wars titles (Battle for Hoth, and Cantina), Halo: Waypoint and Guitar Hero 5. There will also be a good number of casual games such as Bejewelled and Uno.

The announcements were made at the Gamescom 2010 conference in Cologne, Germany by Kevin Unangst, senior director of PC and mobile gaming

While the jury is still out on whether Windows Phone 7 will have what it takes to compete in a very competitive smartphone market, the Xbox Live integration is certainly going to be a big pull. Making games part and parcel of the platform is essential if Microsoft wants to have any kind of response to the success of games on the iPhone app store.

“We’re really approaching this as we would a console, so we have to deliver the breadth of games and the quality people expect from Xbox,” Unangst said in a statement from Microsoft. “To have this quantity and quality of games committed this far ahead of launch, with even more to come, is a statement of support that says Windows Phone 7 will be a big success.”

Consumers clearly look to gaming as an expected experience on their mobile phone now, and we’re going to take that expectation and that delivery up to a different level,” he said.

Interestingly, the games will actually make use of the fact that they’re being played on a handset, as in the tower defence game Crackdown 2, you’ll be able to use real life locations in the game using Bing Maps.

Microsoft also revealed tight integration between the Windows Phone 7 games hub and your Xbox live account, with avatars, messaging and whether your friends are available to play with online all appearing on the phone.

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Link: Windows Phone 7 blog


August 17, 2010, 3:55 pm

"There will also be a good number of casual games" - come on guys, this is a mobile phone platform. *All* the games are casual aren't they? We're not going to see the likes of Spirit Tracks on WM7 or iPhone are we?

Brian ONeill

August 17, 2010, 4:36 pm

Hmmm give me angry birds anytime.

Can't help thinking MS have missed the boat here. If you have the cash an iphone is the best platform, on a budget go for android. W7 mobile has no obvious benefits over either.


August 17, 2010, 4:59 pm

I see Flight Control is being released by Namco Bandai, I wonder why? Am I right in thinking that Microsoft have higher charges for developers when compared to Apple? I'm working off a memory that is many many many months old here!

While most of the games on the list are from the larger names in the casual gaming market, they've managed to get some of the much smaller, independent devs too, and they're the ones that have generally made the better games on the App Store (I'm specifically looking at Half Brick here...). Of course, the only games that I don't recognise as being on the App Store, are those tied into xBox/MS franchises, so they've got no real advantage over the current platforms yet, but, early days...

@MarioM - Generally, yes. Although the likes of Final Fantasy have made it to the App Store and they're hardly casual games!


August 17, 2010, 5:35 pm

The hands on preview over on Engadget looks pretty good to me:



August 17, 2010, 5:43 pm

In response to my comment above regarding MS' charges for developers, from the windows blog:

# Annual registration fee of $99

# No limit to the number of paid apps submitted 5 free apps per registration, $19.99 each after that


Tim Sutton

August 17, 2010, 7:06 pm


I'm extremely wealthy and would never choose to own an iPhone. It might be the best platform for you, but it absolutely is not for me or many many others.

As far as gaming goes, you'd have to back Microsoft over pretty much anyone in terms of building a gaming service on a phone. Xbox Live is the gold standard for consoles and probably the best way to buy and find titles on any format there is. (Unless Valve fancies building a handset)


August 17, 2010, 9:00 pm

I have to admit, I currently have an iPhone (3gs) but im keeping my eye on the Windows Phone 7 concept to see how it pans out and if I want to jump ship! Obviously ill be missing out on all the money I have spent on apps ect, but the connection between the Xbox 360 and phone (as long as its done well) looks like a winner to me!

Also am I right in thinking that all games coded for Xbox live would work on the phone? Because there are a lot of interesting and fun looking games that have come up from Indie Devs, but I always feel quite foolish playing some of the games on the xbox on my 42" plasma! I think a lot of those games will take off if ported/available on a phone

Oh, and Zune pass, yes please!

Chris Hamer

August 17, 2010, 9:04 pm


Iphone is by far not the best phone and i definitely would never buy one. In my opinion android is the best phone platform, (just my opinion). I think WP7 will have a very good chance especially with the people who own an Xbox.


August 17, 2010, 9:10 pm

@Tim Sutton

Lend us a tenner!

Am I the only one who couldn't give a monkeys about mobile gaming?


August 17, 2010, 9:11 pm

@Brian To me the benefits of this platform would be Zune support and this gaming push. I imagine that Zune would mean having having both your music collection and stuff you have downloaded from Zune all in the one library and indistinguishable for whats downloaded and whats your own ripped CD's. This to me sounds fantastic as spotify is pretty poor for keeping lots of music on your phone as they are saved as playlists not by Artist or Album.

Then theres the gaming which ties in with your Xbox live account (I don't have an Xbox and I hate Games for windows live but reguardless) which would make cross platform play a reality and could lead to some interesting ideas in the future. I'm thinking an RPG *cough* like Mass Effect 2, those hateful repetitive, time wasting planet scanning sections. Yes they shouldn't be in the game at all but it's an example of grinding that if you could move onto a mobile version of the game would be much more tolerable. You scan all the planets you can can muster during your daily commute then when you get home you can upload to your account and play the actual real parts of the game.

I was/am fully expecting Microsoft to release a true gaming version of these OS but I can't get over Google beating them (okay so it's not confirmed yet) to the punch with the PSP Phone. If by the end of next year Google, Microsoft and Apple don't have some kind of real gaming devices with their mobile OS's on them I'll eat my hat.

PS I would never have added google to that list a week ago.

I feel that lack of multi-tasking (deal breaker), no expandable memory (pain) and lack of certain video standards support means that out of the gate I will not be buying a WP7 device. I'm just saying, they now have my attention.

Tim Sutton

August 18, 2010, 5:45 am


Sure! Be happy to. I'll just require a collateral of £15 first. Non refundable. Or I suppose you could just mail me a fiver and we'll call it even?

I'm not interested in gaming on my phone either actually. Yet. When phones are our laptops then maybe. The 3DS on the other hand gives me a shiny happy..

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