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Microsoft Announces Official Kinect Pricing and Reveal New 360 Variation


Microsoft Announces Official Kinect Pricing and New 360 Variation

The long awaited Xbox Kinect add-on will cost £129.99 or €149.99 Microsoft has announced. It will come bundled with Kinect Adventures, a series of games designed to show off the capabilities of the interactive camera.

An exact launch date has not been announced, though tonight online retailers have started taking pre-orders. Play.com for example is listing a release date of 19 November, and limiting orders to one per customer. We imagine that would be sufficient for most, however.

In addition, another new Xbox model has been announced: the Xbox 360 4GB. This will include built in 802.11n WiFi, and, as its name suggests 4GB of memory; flash based, of course. This will cost £149.99 and will be available on 20 August.

An Xbox 360 4GB with a Kinect and Kinect Adventures will be available as a bundle for £249.99.

To support the Kinect there will be 15 games available at launch priced at £39.99. These include Kinect Sports, Kinectimals and Kinect Joy Ride.

The Kinect won’t have it all its own way of course, as Sony is readying the PlayStation Move. This involves holding two controllers, a la the Wii Remote and Nun-Chuck, but we rated the Move well when we previewed it at E3.

What do you think of the Kinect’s pricing? Just right or too expensive? Or will you be going for Playstation Move instead? Let us know.

Link: Microsoft Kinect

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