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Micron Debuts World's Fastest 2.5in SSD

Gordon Kelly


We like SSDs and we like them fast...

Thankfully Micron agrees and it has debuted the 'C300' which is the world's fastest 2.5in SSD and by quite some considerable margin. Rather than the incremental circa 250MBps rates we usually see, the C300 races to a rocket sled 355MB per second read speed coupled with a 215MBps write.

Micron's official video (above) shows some practical benefits of this which include lightning fast Windows 7 boot times and file transfer rates. Of course the C300 also becomes the first 2.5in SSD to genuinely take advantage of SATA 3.0 which has 6Gbps maximum bandwidth though at such speeds you're likely to be held back by other bottlenecks in your system.

That said, Micron still has some way to go before it can claim the overall SSD speed crown. That title belongs to Fusion-io's ioDrive Duo, a PCI Express based SSD which manages sustained read and write speeds of 1,500MBps and 1,400MBps respectively!

Don't worry Micron, we all still really want a C300 - a lot! 128GB and 256GB editions will be produced with a launch time frame of Q1. Dear Santa, if you could just wait a month...


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