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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Vehicles play a big part in Mercenaries 2 and you can get your hands on a ride in many ways. First up you can buy a vehicle and have it air-dropped to your location – this is a very cool feature, just make sure that it doesn't land on top of you. Second, you can just steal vehicles from civilians in true GTA style. But the best way to acquire a vehicle is to hijack it. If a tank rolls in and gives you a hard time, jump on top of it, throw a grenade inside, then climb in and use it against your enemies. You can even hijack a helicopter – you have a grappling hook that you can attach to pretty much anything, helicopters included, just hook on, climb the rope, throw the pilot out and take the controls yourself.

One feature that really impressed me was the multi-player cooperative mode. If you’re in the middle of a tough mission and you’re struggling, you can get a friend to just join in and help you on the fly. The screen automatically splits and both players can join forces and kick butt. I asked Cameron whether the game will support an online cooperative mode, and while he wasn’t willing to commit, he did say that it would make a great feature. If Sony is going to have any chance of competing with Xbox Live, it’s going to have to make the most of opportunities like this and encourage developers to push the boat out when it comes to online features. Mercenaries 2 cries out for online cooperative play, let’s just hope that it gets it.

To be honest I was really glad that I made the effort to meet up with Pandemic, because it has allowed me to walk away from E3 with a more encouraging view of the PlayStation 3. That said, Cameron didn’t rule out the possibility of Mercenaries 2 making its way to the Xbox 360, so this shot in the arm for Sony could be short lived - I guess we'll have to wait and see whether Sony tries to make this a PS3 exclusive.

Link: Pandemic Studios

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