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Mercedes Testing Electric SLS Gullwing Supercar

Gordon Kelly


Mercedes Testing Electric SLS Gullwing Supercar

Electric cars are the most hyped development in the automotive industry today, even if I have no idea why (I'd opt for hydrogen any day). So if you thought the Tesla was overpriced and impractical you ain't seen nothing yet...

This month industry heavyweight Mercedes has announced it has begun testing an electric version of the stunning SLS AMG Gullwing (pictured) with the aim of a 2013 release date. The petrol version hits 0-60mph in just 3.8 seconds and tops out at a massive 196mph. The buzzy version? Mercedes wants a four second 0-60mph despite the eternal problem of lithium ion batteries adding an extra 500lbs in weight.

How Mercedes plans to crack this is by placing an individual electric motor on each wheel. These force the car to become four wheel drive, but will provide a total of 525 horsepower and 649 pound-feet of torque. "Effectively being four-wheel-drive does alter its character, but our torque vectoring systems give us opportunities to make it as good," said AMG head Volker Mornhinweg. "It's important to get the emotional level of an EV right and we have some solutions."

Despite all this, the weak spots in electric cars shine through. First, range - the adapted Gullwing will manage just 110 miles before clapping out (*cough* hydrogen! *cough*). Secondly, price and while the petrol driven version costs a massive $270,000 - the electric edition will exceed that by a considerable margin.

Still, the industry seems to like this heavy, short range, impractical and expensive technology so it appears to be the direction we're headed despite hydrogen! all logic to the contrary...


via DailyTech

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