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MeeGo 1.0 Launched for Netbooks & Smartphones

Gordon Kelly


MeeGo 1.0 Launched for Netbooks & Smartphones

This one nearly slipped us by with all the iPad malarkey going on last week (no, I still don't like it, yes Hugo does), but could we have a dark horse about to challenge the dominance of Android and iPhone OS?

Following its subdued launch at Mobile World Congress 2010 the Intel/Nokia partnership has officially launched MeeGo 1.0 and general feedback is the duo may just have struck gold.

Strangely Notel (as I'm dubbing them) has chosen to release two versions of the platform 'MeeGo Netbook' (above) and 'MeeGo Handset' (below) - not something you see with the various Android iterations - but whether this is a long term segregation strategy or simply because it remains early days isn't yet known.

As for the platform itself Intel lists the key features as:

  • A "visually rich Netbook user experience" built on open source technologies

  • Instant access to synchronized calendar, tasks, appointments, recently used files and real-time social networking updates through the home screen

  • Aggregation of social networking content so updates and posts can be seen one screen

  • MeeGo Netbook integrates Google Chrome or (developer edition) Google Chromium. MeeGo Handset will use
  • Firefox Mobile

  • Email, calendar and media player

  • Claims it is "highly optimized for power and performance"
Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Swedish, Polish, Finnish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, English and British English (hooray!) languages are also supported from the get go.

In fairness most of this is pretty standard stuff, though the choice of browsers (particularly avoiding a mobile Webkit browser for MeeGo Handset) is interesting. As for the early praise this comes largely from appreciation of the speed of the platform and a slick UI - two prerequisites for success these days.

Now all we need is widespread adoption - you know, the hard part...

Link: MeeGo

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