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Major Windows Phone 7 Series & Internet Explorer 9 Flaws Outed

Gordon Kelly


Major Windows Phone 7 Series & Internet Explorer 9 Flaws Outed

Oh Microsoft, you were doing so much right...

After wooing the World with Windows Phone 7 Series and Internet Explorer 9 it turns out that there are some particularly worrying small print for each product.

Firstly 7 Series and after yesterday's revelations that the potentially exciting OS will not support multi-tasking at launch and the news all handset makers would not be allowed to make phones with expandable memory, we now learn the platform will be missing... wait for it... cut and paste.

Yes, Microsoft suddenly seems to be doing its best generation one iPhone impression: no multi-tasking, no expandable storage, no cut and paste and it has already confirmed Flash support is unlikely before 2011. What is even more galling is not only have many of its rivals either fixed or known to be working on solutions to these problems, but that the lambasted previous generations of Windows Mobile can already do most of this!

Tread carefully Microsoft or you risk swinging from an ugly yet powerful OS that disappointed consumers to a superficial, handicapped OS that is useless for business. And cut and paste... really?!

As for Internet Explorer 9, its issue is far more straightforward: it doesn't support Windows XP!

"Building a modern browser requires a modern operating system," said Internet Explorer General Manager Dean Hachamovitch in some of the most ridiculous bits of reasoning I've heard for some time. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera all work just fine on XP.

We're awaiting clarification about whether this will translate to the final version, but I wouldn't put it past the Redmond giant who is desperate to get users off the nine year old OS. Putting XP users at risk by stopping them running its latest and therefore, inevitably, most secure browser would be taking things to a new ruthless extreme though. Then again, this could backfire and simply encourage the hundreds of millions of XP users to move to the likes of Firefox, Chrome or Opera which would be a stunning own goal.

It has been all sunshine and rainbows over Microsoft for quite some time now, but are those returning clouds I see on the horizon?


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