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Mainstream OLED Years Away, Says Samsung


Mainstream OLED Years Away, Says Samsung

According to Samsung, OLED isn't going to be ready for the mainstream for a while yet. Speaking at Samsung's European Forum 2009, Sang Heung Shin, vice president of Flat Panel Development commented that it will be: "at least four to five years before we see OLED in the marketplace."

Samsung was suggesting OLED TVs would be available this year when it showed of a 40in OLED TV a year ago. Shin explained that: "When it comes to OLED we have several issues to be overcome in terms of technology and production cost issues."

Considering Sony has had an OLED TV on sale - the XEL-1 - for over a year now and has yet to bring out a larger model - or even talk about dong so - suggests Samsung might have a point. OLED still looks too expensive to make a viable consumer offering right now.

Not that we don't all want 150in OLED TVs hanging on our walls, I'm sure.


March 27, 2009, 4:49 am

Surely in 4-5 years time, LED technology will have caught up with, or surpassed, OLED technology?


March 27, 2009, 5:30 am

Shame! As it (and perhaps laser TV) will be a potential watershed.

But you know, OLED is beginning to sound like Fusion Power - whenever asked the scientists have always said "...at least 10-20 years away...".

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