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MacBook Pro Receiving MultiTouch, Penryn Soon?


MacBook Pro Receiving MultiTouch, Penryn Soon?

I don't want to sound like I'm discrediting AppleInsiders' claim that it has genuine insider contacts, but it really doesn't take much more than common sense to predict that the Apple is likely to update its MacBook pro line sometime soon.

Having just seen Intel's new mobile Penryn lineup d├ębut at CES it seems unlikely that our favourite Cupertino-based, style-obsessed company wouldn't take advantage of the new offerings.

Specifically, the 15in MacBook Pro is expected to receive the option of either the 2.5GHz T9300 or 2.6GHz T9500. Theoretically, that should lead to a fair performance increase and battery reduction all-in-one upgrade, which will please anyone looking to buy a new Pro in the next couple of weeks although, oddly, enough not those who recently upgraded.

Penryn isn't the only new thing making its way into the new Pros though, because apparently the multi-touch enabled touchpad is also winging its way across the entire MacBook range eventually. Of course, twisting photos and gesture-based controls aren't exactly the Air's defining feature and having the new pad in a system a teeny tiny proportion of Apple's potential market will ever buy is rather a shameless waste of some awesome technology. According to AppleInsider we should see these upgrades in the next couple of weeks, which is just fine by me.

What I really want to know, though, is when the poor, neglected, MacBook will see its share of upgrades because it could really do with a bit of LED backlighting and weight reduction if you ask me - and I should know because I own one.



P.S. Our resident rumour hunter Gordon tells me he heard tell at the MacWorld keynote (well, the UK equivalent thereof) that the multi-touch keypad might work its way into a separate peripheral for Desktop Macs too. I'm not holding my breath on that front, but I expect a few people reading this are already interested.

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